We offer all type of Embedded system projects for Diploma /BE/B.Tech/B.Sc/M.Tech, which covers Automotive applications, Industrial Automation, Home Automation, Motor Controls, Electric Vehicles(EVs),BMS, Internet of Things(IoT), GPS Tracking and Navigation, Displays, Solar Based Projects, Security systems. We support coding, example codes, hardware data sheets/documentation reports*. We supply all Hardware, required sensors, modules and supporting cables, wires and PCBs. Below images for reference. We will provide physical classes/virtual online classes for demo and training. We will send entire Project kit* courier to students after successful payment done based on request. Interested can call or fill the enquiry form online.

    We undertake Design, Development and testing of Electronics & Telecom, IoT, Solar Power, Power Electronics, EV parts, BMS, BMS tracking, Satellite communication, GPS, Telematics, Smart devices-IoT, Satellite based Tracking Projects for Industrial applications of various clients. Industrial Automation with power saving solutions for old model heavy & Industrial machines using Latest sensors. Mechanical sensors replacing with sensor, Electro-mechanical relays/starters replacing with SSRs (Solid State Relays).

* The above images are shown for reference only, original boards can vary
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